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Jaco, Costa Rica

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

The bustling beach town of Jaco.

This 4km stretch of beach gained it's popularity not only because of its beautiful black sand beaches lying between several mountains, but also that it is the closest beach town to the capital and grand metropolitan area. The population of Jaco can be an estimated 15,000 inhabitants.

Jaco is known for its beaches and nightlife, but also a prime tourist destination in its proximity to national parks and the different activities in the area.

Jacó lies in a tropical climate zone mainly defined by distinct dry and wet seasons. In general, August through early December are wet, and late December through early April are dry; the remaining months have irregular rainy spells.

#Jaco also boasts of its surf #tourism, being a beach in #costarica that is great for beginners and intermediates alike.

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