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Support Jaco Youth.


This is Jaco Youth

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The founding principle behind Support Jaco Youth is to promote positive growth and influence among the youth of Jaco, Costa Rica. These children face various challenges daily and Support Jaco Youth was established to offset these difficulties. Since it’s formation nearly 12 years ago from founding member Charles Boyd and the Costa Rica Team, SJY has contributed to the growth of the local Christian Surfers Chapter; led beach clean up days; facilitated surf and skateboard contests; sponsored inpatient programs for addicts as well as their families; created the local boxing gym and we’re just getting started. We appreciate you visiting our site and hope being part of this encouraging change in our community is something for you. 

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Support Jaco Youth

Support Jaco Youth was established with the goal of reaching out to children in the Jaco community on various levels. A few local business men and women established Support Jaco Youth with the intention of giving back, rather than solely reaping the fruits of this thriving community. One community goal is to encourage other business owners to do the same.

The staff of volunteers here at Support Jaco Youth is comprised of various local business owners as well as ministers, and drug rehabilitation counselors who simply wish to promote a healthy environment in which the children can grow.

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